Company Philosophy Statement: Customer Focus, Quality Oriented, Service First, and Honesty.
Customer Focus: Sunrise’s every single process is for the purpose of creating the greatest benefit for its customer. Sunrise makes the greatest effort on consultation, procurement, production, quality control, delivery, and other processes to maximize the satisfaction and benefit of customer.
Quality Oriented: Based on the quality of purchased material is highly strict controlled, processing and assembling are following the quality policy, and the complete machines are strict tested before shipment; Sunrise is able to deliver the machines with the best quality to the customer.
Service First: The response from Sunrise’s representatives will be made within business hours 12 hours (local time, GMT +8) after inquiry from the customer via fax or e-mail. (The customer will be noticed if special circumstances are occurred.)
Honesty: An essential core value of the business policy. Sunrise treats everything with sincerity and gratitude to bear the responsibility for the customer and society. By doing this, Sunrise is able to create a win-win situation for both customer and the company.